Privacy Policy

The website, owned by the Research Committee of the University of Macedonia, respects your privacy and fully complies with European regulations GDPR and the corresponding Greek law 4624/2019.

Personal Data Controller

Our new Privacy Policy is fully compliant with the latest guidelines for the use and processing of personal data, as published by the European Union. You can read the legislation on personal data as published by the European Union at the following link EU data protection

Personal Data

The Research Committee of the University of Macedonia is responsible for the management and processing of personal data. Your data is used and processed only for the reasons you have accepted it.

Collected Personal Data

Your personal data is collected to serve your various needs such as sending young people from our company to your email or the interaction you have with our website. More specifically, the personal data collected may be as follows:

  • Contact details, which include name, surname, landline or mobile phone, personal or professional email address
  • When interacting with our website, some more information is automatically collected by us and includes: internet protocol addresses (Commonly known as IP), information about your browser (info), tags and cookies.

Data Collection Reasons

  1. The primary reason for collecting data is to serve your needs when visiting our website.
  2. For communication with us, either by using our Contact Form or by using your own sending / receiving software. The data that is completed and sent to us is used exclusively to serve your request and for as long as it lasts. This data will not be used to promote our products.
  3. For promotional purposes such as sharing news and information about our website or services. Once we have obtained your consent, our company may include you in the energy prospects at regular intervals such as sending email marketing.
  4. For the operation, improvement and maintenance of business activity, our services as well as the protection of the financial interests, rights of our company or third parties.
  5. For the purposes of researching and analyzing the efficiency of our page. For example, data is collected and processed so that we know how many customers visit our page daily, which pages they visit, how much time they spend on those pages, how often they visit, and other such interactive data that allows us to optimize our website. .
  6. Other purposes: We may also use your personal data in other ways and provide special notice when collecting the data, and we will secure your consent where necessary before they can be used.

Sharing of Personal Data

1) Sharing with third parties

To third party service providers such as web hosting, cloud providers, email automation software providers, other third parties, to the extent required for purposes of compliance with a state request, court decision or applicable law, prevention of illegal use of the Websites or breaches of the Terms of Use Our place and our policies, our protection from third party claims, and contribution to the prevention or investigation of fraud cases.

2) Sharing information coming from you

Communication by the user includes interactive contacts with social networking sites where his profile may appear, which may include images, name, date of birth and other personal information.

Keeping the Personal Data

We keep your personal data for as long as it takes so that we can comply with our legal obligations. In terms of cookies, you can refer to the Cookies Policy for more information on how long to keep them.

Protecting Personal Data

We use a wide range of tools that aim to better protect your personal data and including encrypted communication between user and server, firewall on server and server behind third-party firewall. We will report any illegal breach of our database to all those directly concerned but also to the authorities within 72 hours, from the moment we realize that such a breach has taken place.

Cookies & Pixel Tags

We collect information that may include your personal data as you interact with our website. More specifically, we use cookies that allow us to identify each visitor based on information collected such as IP, the unique identifying number of your cookies, information about your cookies, and information on whether your device has software to access it. In some cases, unique device number and device type, domain type, web browser type and language, operating system and system settings, country and time zone, previous visits to websites, information about your interaction with the Websites our such as click number, purchases, stated preferences, and access times and related URLs.

Finally, it is important to mention that we use cookies and occasional third party pixel tags including Google Analytics, Facebook which allow us to better personalize the services according to your interests, both on our website and others.


We follow local law and do not allow anyone under the age of fifteen to register on our website. Parental consent will be required in case of contact with us.


If you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at ……..